Retarded Bitch

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Should I stay away from him? Should I tie myself up to a tree so that I'll never get near him? I shouldn't have this feeling. I'll get killed if anybody knew about this. I'm trying to restrain myself. Tahan Anbreen, tahan. I need to grow up. I should stop obsessing over a guy. Eventhough he's one hot piece! He's not even mine to begin with. I need to stop being who I am around him so that he'll run away from me. But, but. I really do like it when he's around. I just need the world to stop so that I can figure everything out one by one. Stop having feelings. STOPP. And 'him', if you're reading, please tell me you're not thinking about me. Tapi sebenarnya , I want you. Let's rewind back to 8 years ago shall we? Mak aihhh. Cakap keling lah aku nih. Yertapelayyy, yerlaaa!


lina nordin said...

ehwah ehwah ;p

phycho war said...

aizat busuk!!
die malas mndi.
-tiada motif-

psychokiddo said...

ngeh :P

adlynndiyana. said...

wah wah
nk nk
nak beli :D
mane bley dpt?
bundle? :D
kidding love ;)