Randomn Je Nih

-I don't like cupcakes. In my view, they are only nice to look at. It's too sweet. Like bimbos.

-I like blood. I'm not actually terrified of it. In fact, I'll try and pinch out people's scratches for the sake of blood.

-My hand-eye coordination is 0. I'm lousy at any ball game. Trust me. I will try any game. I'm just mis-coordinated.

-I love Halloween because there are SOO many candies sold in supermarkets. They come in really cool packaging. FYI, I'm a candy freak. Literally.

-I love going to the movies. Actually I don't care what movie I'm watching. I just like the feeling of entering the cinema, and sitting in those plush seats. I just love cinematic environment.

-Did I mention I'm a hippy?

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hanyellis said...

look people,
theres plenty of HANY.