Psychology + Law

*Memang kepala aku ni direka untuk kena tendang kan.

Remember someone said that don't study too much or you'll go crazy? Well, here's proof! Psychology with a little mix of law. Girls gone wild. Ngehngeh. There's nothing that can't make anything unpleasant right side up gain. All of us have our own issues. Love gone amok, pressure to excel, money all washed up, etc, etc. But we still manage to have a good time because believe it or not, great company equals to one hell of a good time. That and good food that is. Which we will be having tonight! Jangan kedekut to spend your money on good food. You'll miss out on life.

P.S: If you want to get smart, have your head kick the crap out of you by one of your best friends. I guarantee you you'll be one hell of a genius freak. If you don't go crazy first lah that is.


lina nordin said...

alahai. kesiannnyeee muka anak2 dara ni

psychokiddo said...

hahahahaha.. o my fffiingnggggg gowd. i look retardedly psycho.
well, everyone does :P

adlynndiyana. said...

yes yes
one hell of a psyhco retardo nite :D

aCe+ said...

exam can bring the carzy out of people.. i said from experience