Oh, I'm Just A Girl

-- Kalau tak perempuan, apa lagi?

I just wanted to make this clear: I am JUST A GIRL. A girl who likes to eat, sleep, shop, TRY out different things, fall and stand up again, experience clumsy moments (which happens MOST of the time), fall in and out of crushes with rockstars, have emotional breakdowns, get pissed off easily, gets self conscience, gets giddy over cute boys, dress up, loves own girlfriends, gossiping, act randomly crazy for no reason and getting good grades. If that's what it takes, than I am proud to call myself a GIRL.

But if you expect me, as a girl, to get obsessed over partying, sex, abaikan family, crying all the time, getting into someone else's business, having no self-pride, being a WANNABE, afraid of breaking a nail, hates sweat, talking sweetly all the time, looking like I made such an effort on how I look, afraid of looking silly and fat, and making myself popular, than YOU GOT THE WRONG GIRL. Move over pea brain.

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