Kyle Who?

My heart is beating impecably. I feel like screaming and asking someone to kill me right now on the spot. All this feelings, for a BOOK! I can't stop smiling and imagining myself in Bella's shoes. That lucky bitch dapat Edward! Motherchucker betul. I am such a total loser to only have read the book now, but I can't help but be outdated with books ever since I turned 18. Ask UiTM for my lame behaviour. I even imagined myself being as lucky as Bella and imaganing my Edward to be Kyle Patrick, Ed Westwick or Robert Pattinson himself. Tolongggg. I think I'm hypervitaliting. Don't be surprised if I turn into a vampire next time you see me.

Copp. Twilight is like everywhere on E!. Dreams come true weyhh! I'll be stuck to the TV set till habis cuti sem. Call me obsessive but anybody who is anybody that knows me, knows I can be really obsessive over something that sometimes doesn't make sense. OK. I'm wasting precious time blogging. Need to get back to my sexy Edward. Ciao.


Ferdows said...

Ask UiTM for my lame behaviour?

tak baik salahkan UiTM yang oi..
tempat kita belajar tuh...
diri sendiri yang tak 'berat' nak pergi cari buku-buku baru...


adlynndiyana. said...

edward edward edward edward :DD