Kau Ni Betul lah

Everytime I take a step closer to you, I feel like I took 3 steps back. You’ve reeled me in towards you, you’ve hooked me onto you, but then you just let me go like a bloody stinking fish. You’ve opened up your life to me but it sometimes seems that you want me to stay away. Like an idiot I thought you wanted me around. Special dates, special information just doesn’t mean anything to you does it? Well, I can’t stop caring about you. We’ve come too far along to let anything to stop us from being friends. I will always be there even if you’re such a jerk and a shithead. That’s just who you are and I don’t think I can blame you. But just remember to not play around with me. I might be OK now but probably not later. Just don’t act surprised when you don’t see me there to catch you when you fall. I have my limits. You should know that asshole.

P.S: Malas nak jumpa besok OK? Am quite busy.

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