I'm Lucky

Things I've done for the past 11 days of holidays. Let's see:

1. Bought 5 books for my own reading pleasure-
Sophie Kinsella; Remember Me
Stephenie Meyer; Twilight, New Moon and Breaking Dawn
J.K Rowling; Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
and a bunch of magazines (In-Style where Robert models looking ass-licking good!)

2. Went to the theater at Istana Budaya (Impak Maksima weyyh)

3. Typing Ayah's assignments till dawn

4. Went out for only a day I might add (Naufal tak habis-habis menganjing about me hitting the censor thing at Pavillion)

5. Eat & sleep, sleep, sleep.

Very active kan? Haktuihh.


Nisa Lokman said...

eclipse u xbeli ke?
n the host by stephenie meyer pun besh gak.

hanyellis said...

gambar i xda lagi
ok fine!