Hanson, My Friend

When you have no light to guide you
And no one to walk beside you
I will come to you
When the night is dark and stormy
You won't have to reach out for me
I will come to you
Sometimes when all your dreams may have seen in better days
And you dont know how or why, but you've lost your way
Have no fear when your tears are falling
I will hear your spirit calling
And I swear I'll be there, come what may

Cause even if we cant be together
We'll be friends now and forever
And I swear that I'll be there come what may
We all need somebody we can turn to
Someone who'll always understand
So if you feel that your soul is dying
And you need the strength to keep trying
I'll reach out and take your hand

Add, this is specially dedicated to you. We love you. From all of us.

1 comment:

adlynndiyana. said...

one must learn to bend with stresses and strains like a tree buffeted in the wind. one must develop the resiliency of spirit to spring erect again after the storm has passed. :)