Falling For You Baby

Some people just don't appreciate the good things in life. Like friends and family. Complain memanjang. It's ok. It's how you chose to live your life. The best way to live my life for me is to pray, eat, family, friends, try out new adventures and experiences and shop. Betul takk? It's what you get to feel that counts. I'm sorry you had to miss out on all of that. Boo-hoo.

P.S: I think I need somebody to kill me. I just saw Twilight! Everybody in the cinema literally screamed when Edward appeared. Thank GOD! Kalau tak, aku yang jerit sorang-sorang gedik. TQ lah weyhhh. BTW, the book is better than the movie itself. But all of it was forgiven when they casted Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattison. Aaaaaaaaaaa. Marry me? Nak?

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