Darn This Headache

I purely believe that everything happens for a reason. Eventhough I sometimes forget to think rationally and get mad about it, I still do believe in it. What's my point for this post? I have no idea. I just woke up from a quick sleep, saw that I could get a wireless connection and now currently typing whatever is going right through my mind.

One question runs across my thick mind: can someone's life get so bad till you have to complain, complain, complain and sacrifice your life for it? I may not know a lot about heavy problems but what I do know is that there isn't a problem you can't fix unless you brought calamity upon yourself. Life is bound to have ups and downs. So stop complaining, wipe those tears, and look on the bright side. So what if you have more downs then ups? There was still an up wasn't it? I'm not qualified to say that my life is perfect. I'm sick, my family isn't from the Brady Bunch show, my studies needs some tweaking here and there, friends do come and go, I have my own habits that I'm not actually proud of but I don't think that there's enough point for me to go on and on about how pathetic life can be because I know for a fact that 6 out of 10 people out there are in misery.

Some people just annoy the crap out of me. Thinking that they're good at everything, worse when they act all 'oh-I'm-pathetic-and-can't-do-anything-so-praise-me'. Blegh. Getting highly influenced by their surroundings so then suddenly they become a bitch just to get accepted in the crowd, pretending their the 'IT' thing, become wannabes (yuck), spend everything you have just so you'll look cool (padahal tak mampu), devoted own life to boyfriend/girlfriend obssesively, bla, bla, bla. Mak aih. One thing I can say from this, you people make this life a beautiful place to live in because with this many attitudes, the world doesn't seem like a bad place to live in. Not until when 'the attack of the walking clones' pass you by when you're having lunch in Pavillion. Yuckkk. Kill me please.

I think I dare say that I'm privileged. It is sometimes easy to get what I want without having to struggle too much for it. But I admit that it'll get me feeling guilty and worried because I don't want to turn out spoiled (though sometimes I think I am). Other people work hard to achieve to get to where they want to be whereas I just glide along. It’s just not fair for me to do it and I’m sorry. But I know what I want. I'm determined to get it with my own effort. But if I really made the full effort they’ve made, gosh, wouldn’t I be on top now huh. I have God to thank for all my ups. Alhamdulillah. Whatever it is, I don’t judge people by their problems or calamities. I judge them by how they’ve carried themselves out of it. Wannabes and complainers, get a life would you?

God, if you're reading this, know that I'm grateful for everything. Don't take away my privileges just yet. I'll try and naikkan lagi my waktu sembahyang for you ;)


psychokiddo said...

woa... gamba u yang u lompat tuh.. gile laa :P

Someone who cares said...

emm..anbreen.. i kinda follow ur blog..& was really concern abt u saying abt ur prayers..=)