Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Don’t get me wrong, but I am not in love. Jangan lupa that I don’t believe in love. It was the name of the play that Naufal and I went to see yesterday at KLPac. It was his birthday by the way. I’ve never been to KLPac before. So being the jakon that I am, I was fascinated by the surroundings. We bought tickets and stepped into the small auditorium. The music, the people, the scene, all makes me feel so cozy and calm. I loved it. Tiba-tiba rasa macam nak cakap that it somehow makes me feel macam orang kaya-kaya living in our society (So a Blair Waldorf wannabe. Pfftt). Ngeee. The auditorium goes effin dark when they’re switching scenes. It’s sooo dark that if you wanted to grab your boyfriend and make out and have a quickie then and there, nobody would see and notice. Seriously man. You just go blind suddenly.

Well, the play was mainly about issues in our everyday life that affects our relationships such as miscommunication, bottling up feelings, saying goodbye, how hard is it to say sorry and so forth. I’ve got to admit that what they’ve portrayed were all true. Being a human being myself, of course I’ve experienced some of the above. I have two favorite scenes which was ‘Lost in Transmission’ and ‘Billy’. Penatlah kan nak cerita detail. You’ve got to go and see it for yourself. Like seriously. Pergi, pergi! The play is till the 16th of November. If you’re interested in performing arts like I do, you should go. The actors were all very talented I’m telling you. They were bloody hell hilarious! Naufal and I laughed like hell. Well, he did anyway. The play was both humorous and dramatic. The second part of the act was pretty serious which some scenes touched me. And FYI Naufal, I DID NOT CRY AND WILL NOT CRY. Bluekk.

All in all, the last part of the act was where they defined what love is. They defined love as caring, not envious, never judging, tolerant, and so on-so on. It was a cliché and typical thing to say about love. But for me, I define love as all of the above too but you have got to open your eyes because love is everything in life, the good and the bad. Everything from the negative and positive things in life is love. Love knows not of reality. Love knows not of consequences and real life. Love is everywhere but not when it comes to the world of reality. You must think that I’m lacking love and I’m bitter and snappy. Pfft. I’m not. But I have had my fair share of relationships. Love is just love. It scares the crap out of me me.

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