I just took a Twilight test to see which character I resemble the most. Guess what, I resemble Edward Cullens okayyy. Hahaha. It's fate. Mwa Mwa. Rob Pattinson's song, 'Never Think' was not really that bad. It was ok lahh. Tak boleh kalahkan Kyle. Ngeee. But overall, like I said, the movie was not as hebat as the book. The movie was sort of a low budget movie or something. The book, flawless, I LOVE. Takpelahh. As long as I can watch Rob in action, then it's fine by me.


Nisa Lokman said...

try listening to "to roam, i'll be your lover too n stray dog"
all from rob patt.

Ruzanna said...

Hahah! It's Cullen lah, takde S. Jana suka Emmett!

Diana Ibrahim said...

at first i thought he was Edward Cullen's' too. lol

He's mine ann. Stay away.