Berjolly Folly

Ye. Memang aku ni seorang manusia yang tak pernah cukup solat. Tak pernah khatam Al-Quran. But I am not a hypocrite. You tell the world about how good of a person you have been, dengan your innocent face and your attitude yang 'lemah-lembut'. But behind those straight hair, long flirty eye-lashes of yours, don't think I don't know the real you. At least aku sembahyang walaupun 2 waktu sehari, puasa tak tinggal, cuba baca apa-apa ayat yang aku boleh. At LEAST, I'm trying. You on the other hand have no effort of any sort on this matter. Berlagak kau baik tak habis-habis. BULLSHIT! So who the fuck are you to judge me when you're life is in a mess while mine is some sort of reaching completeness?

Jealous? Patutlah.

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