Beli Album TCF Now

-- This is genuine. Love you Rufus.

Both Bihah and D have been heard by me humming my text message ringtone, "Addicted To Me". Ha-ha. Sumpah comel gila. Bihah even already knows the lyrics to the song. Amazing. Ngeee. Talking about addictive, listen to this: A lot of people don't actually like who I am, but they can't get enough of me.

I may not be the type of girl yang main cakap lepas jek like some people but I do for a fact say what I feel and I will let them know. Orally or written. But trust me when I say that of course I'll consider their feelings first. Kadang-kadang tu, ada yang terasa. Amongst my closest friends, to them I might not say the right things and some might be hurtful, but somebody has got to say it. Everybody else just wants to stay quiet so that they won't get blamed for anything. I'm used in taking blames. I'd rather that the person know the truth than to get things worsen.

I have a very different opinion on being nice. I don't fake my actual feelings, I don't say OK when it's actually not, I don't pretend to be nice when I'm actually not. I'm used to people calling me a bitch. I call myself one too. For that, people might hate me for being straight-forward and kasar, but they'll come running back to me for more. They know that's the only way to tell the truth. FYI, ada yang lagi teruk kasar than me out there okayy? So tell me, mana lagi teruk? Using the bitch to reveal the truth or fake niceness to let people like you? I know for a fact that there's a lot fake angels out there. What, I'm wrong? Ohh. Nak bet?

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