I'm beginning to realize that more and more of the society out there are beginning to be writers. Blog writers. Really good, quality blogs. Obviously, I'm not one of them. How can I be one hell of a good writer when I write lame old posts about me and my life. I should explore the world, take more risks, write in other people's point of view, write posts that everybody can understand and bukan syok sendiri aja. I guess my life isn't as interesting as I thought it would be huh?

Some who don't know me might say I'm different. But when you read this, you'll come to a conclusion and say that I'm not. Let's just say that I'm rational. I like being organized and think ahead. I'm not saying I'm smart, but I'm not that stupid either. I might be boring and dull but you come running back to me for more. I wonder how many people out there are as paranoid and clumsy as I am. I don't get paranoid about what people say to me, hell I don't care but rather what is going to happen next. I think about repercussions. I like thinking about what & why. I'm boring that way.

Come to think of it, do I actually need to think of what other people might say about me on this blog? Do I really need to feed their satisfaction on judging and criticizing? I'm not writing for a newspaper for goodness sake. So, for some people I know out there who's looking for an audience to get attracted to their writing, I suggest you judge yourself first, find a point and stop looking for 'blog customers'. It's hell pathetic man. You write for you. Not the nation. Yet.