Ye Alah Mak Haih

My ass is bruised from getting it slammed on the beach, skin is as dark as it can ever be (no complaints though), arm is aching from water polo I guess and heart is aching from an attitude caused by a girlfriend I love plenty much.

It has been a whimsical 2 days for me. It all started an hour after I finished my Journalism paper which was crap if I might add. 8 of us departed for PD for a 'stress-free day'. Enjoyed ourselves on the beach, the pool and stuffing our faces with chicken BBQ. Went back the next afternoon and arrived in KL at 4-ish pm. Decided to do something spontaneous and went to KLCC for dinner and a movie. Asked a friend to join me and Ara. Bless his soul later on he sent us back home after a few hours at NZ talking like crazy.

Woke up the next day with nothing to do. Watched re-runs of Harry Potter and back to sleep. Ara came for the photos from PD and once again decided to go out and catch a movie. But not before pi kene cendol and rojak dekat Semarak. Ngeee.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm acting like I've finished my examinations but yet I still have 4 more to go. Crapp. Back to reality I guess. FYI, silaplah if you think that I'll roll over for you. And the other 'you', check your attitude when it comes to putting boys ahead instead of your girlfriends. Brutal huh.

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