Nenek, please come home

This may be the post that I admit something to all. I'm not over my grandmother's death. Not at all. I still have her photo pinned over my board in campus. I still remember her promise to me. I still remember how rude and bad I am towards her.

Nobody knows how much I still think about her. Friends and family knows I'm very much close to her but most of them have already tought that I'm over it. FYI, I will never be. I may not make a big deal in front of them but I can't stop thinking that somehow her death was all my fault. I still remember how I couldn't stop crying. Like right now. I just want her to know that I miss her and I want her to come back. Please come back Nek. Please.

Nenek, if you're watching over me, are you proud of me? Give me a sign saying that you are Nek. I miss you.

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Ruzanna said...

it's not your fault. it was mine. serious. my fault. i misplaced the medicine box, remember? :(