The Joke's on you.

-- She's my Honey Bunny.

I'm tired of running. Tired of catching up with everything. I'm free. Free to be myself after 2 and a half years of misery. There was too many bumps along the way. Now, I just want a smooth ride home. What more do I need. I have everything anybody could probably ask for. Friends, family. I have it. You say I'm lacking love? FYI, I don't need it. I've told you before, and I'll say it again. I don't believe in love. Well, not now anyways. I believe in appreciation. And I have it already.

I'm getting ready for a new me. You should too. I'm not asking you to pay attention because I'm a nobody. But what you should do is too not act surprise when you bump into me.

I'm not like some people. You can bet on it.

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