Aidilfitri Dah?

Haihh. Please don't ask me about Raya. Raya ke sebenarnya? Kenapa waktu raya baru nak masak sedap-sedap? Kenapa waktu raya baru nak ziarah-menziarahi? Tradition I guess? But as I'm aging, I realize, if people do this in their daily lives, then we wouldn't have to celebrate Raya right? Except untuk pergi sembahyang Raya lah kan. But hey, where's the festive spirit in that right? Kids look forward to this for the sake of duit raya, as for the adults, it's an excuse to go jalan-jalan and 'converse' with the person whom they had a fight with earlier.

Sorry for bitching about Raya. I didn't get to celebrate Raya as gloriously as I used to that's why I'm being such a total moron. One of the reasons, sebab tak balik JB. WTH kan? No questions asked, kalau balik JB mesti every single second, amek gambar, surrounded by my glamorous cousins all dressed up for Raya, makan memang TERBAIK, duit raya $$$. I didn't get all that during this Raya. Dahlah Astro volume rosak, memang tak dapat nak tengok channel-channel Raya. Hilang mood Raya. I'm just grateful that my family is with me 24/7. My first Raya with Aizat. Got to hang out with Nadira, Firdhaus and Hazim. Income duit raya pun not bad. He-he. Well, two words to describe 2008's Eid. Simple and Cheap. Ha-ha.

I only bought ONE baju raya. Yes. ONE. I don't mind that much. Get to Raya to some of my classmates houses. Guess that's about it. My Raya this year is basically occupied with assignments, keluar lepak malam, and sleep. Yes. You heard me right. ASSIGNMENTS. Photocomm, Graphics, PR, Tennis. WTF mann. Only managed to settle my PR and part of my Photo assignment. I don't need all this anymore. I think I just lost track of who I am. Mana Anbreen, mana? Haihh.

Hati dah berdegup dup-dap-dup-dap. Tak senang duduk. Alamatnya nak balik Melaka lah nih. Hmm.

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