This Is Why I Love Home

Weekends. Jarang sama sekali tak balik KL. Reached KL at around 8.15pm and Ayah picked me up and went straight to Crown Princess for some buka puasa soiree held by Uncle Zulbakri. It was held for all his fellow friends. Faham-faham jelah orang-orang tua ni punya kawan. Especially when they run around the same Navy and golf buddies. Pfft. Diaorang berbual mengalahkan perempuan. But I didn't mind so much. Bedal the buffet. Ha-ha. It was goooood I tell you. After all the chittie chatter, went back home and I slept my ass off but not before I called Aizat and told him all about some 'silly drama' some people like to be a part of.

I asked Ayah to bring me to the Curve early the next morning but Ayah suggested that we go a bit late in the evening so we could just alang-alang buka puasa there. I didn't mind. Ikut aja. So I took a shower, cleaned the house, watched Harry Potter and fell asleep infront of the TV. Suddenly my cousin called and told me all about a fashion bargain bazaar at Menara Hap Seng. I was excited and thrilled at the same time so I quickly woke up and ajak Ayah. Ayah didn't want to go so I had to ask someone else along. I was lucky to have Kamil around. So he accompanied me there. I parked my car at Titiwangsa and off we went in his car.

Reached there, jumpa Kak Fara, and apa lagi, went surveying what the place had to offer me. I was in 'Mini Heaven'. Shoes here, bags there, shirts everywhere. My goodness. Tapi kesian Kamil. I could see that he wasn't too thrilled but dia ikut aja layankan. I owe him big time for dragging him along. SORRY KAMIL! We went to Pavillion and BB after. Terjumpa Sheila. Ha-ha. She tought Kamil and I had something going on. Tak boleh bla. Like I cannot read what's going on in that little head of yours kan? We went back home at 5. Just in time to get ready for buka and everything. Boleh plak dah sampai rumah I tertido kan. Ha-ha. Turns out tak jadi gi The Curve. So Ayah, Zaheen and I ended up break fasting at Pavillion. The place was packed so we decided to round the place first then later on buka.

We reached home at around 9.30pm. Just as I sat my ass down on the bed, my phone rang. Fateen called asking me to join our old schoolmates hanging out at KLCC. Feeling guilty for not meeting up with them for a REALLY long time, I grabbed the car keys and off I went. SUMPAH rindu gila kat all of them! They were sitting on the floor so I had difficulties making myself comfortable sitting as I was wearing a dress. We talked and talked and talked non-stop! They commented me on being sombong and all and how I was difficult to reach. They started snapping pictures with me konon-konon labelling me celebrity. Ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh how I miss laughing and gossiping with them. We started talking about some of our friends who in the past year have changed since mingling around with the wrong crowd. We were all very dissapointed but we couldn't do anything.

It was sad when the night ended but eventually we all had to say goodbye for a while. We hugged and kissed and I felt a pang of guilt for not being on the radar all this while. I need to update on my social level with my friends. I don't want them to feel like I've outcasted myself from them. Babes, I will always miss you. It's just that I have changed a little regarding my social mixing. Sorry.

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izzah said...

weh weh weh!!aku rindu same mereka tu.
su comel sangat kot!