Tagged and Go!

1. A picture of you at the most unique environment.
Describe the environment.

--It was at a Click 5 concert.Can't get more unique than this.

2. A picture of you at somewhere you dislike.
Describe why you dislike that place.

-- Dinner dekat Dewan Bendahara? A big NO-NO!

3. A picture of you with someone who means a lot to you.
Who is that person and what did that person do to you before?

-- Firdhaus+Hazim=Perfection. I don't need to list down what they did for me.

4. A picture of you with your best smile (mouth open).
Why were you smiling?

-- It was my birthday surprise. I don't have any other facial expressions at the time. ;D

5. A picture of you with your best smile (mouth closed).
Were you posing or smiling naturally?

-- Both I guess?

6. A picture of you with your lamest pose.
Give this picture a capture.
-- I'm a bloody hypocrite. Malu weyh gambar macam ni. Malu.

7. A picture of you with the one of the people who stand on top of your heart.
Is that person treating you like how you're treating him/her?

-- He bought me an original Liverpool jersey which he knows is my FAVOURITE. Need I say more?

8. A picture of you with some toys or cute stuff.
What were you with?

-- I don't have photos taken with my toys. So pinjam Bihah punya. He-he.

9. A picture of you in white shirt.
Why were you wearing white instead of black?

-- Dah you asked for a photo with a white t-shirt on. Moron betul soalan ni.

10. A candid picture with you and your friends.
Do you look good in it?

-- No one does. ;)

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