Merdeka Was Meant For Us To Shop

Whoever came up with retail therapy, is a fucking genius! Gosh. I've forgotten how nice it was to shop with girlfriends. I've missed it. Yesterday was my day out with Ili aka My Serena. Add was suppose to join us but we met towards the end of the day. D and Sue were in Pahang and Ara was having her tahlil the day before so typically dia memang akan spend time dengan family dia, no doubt about it.

To start things off, Ili came to my house, showered and off we went to Sg. Wang. I was the one who suggested to go to Sg. Wang. Konon-konon nak cari Gladiators which Hany said banyak ada kat Sg. Wang. Up, down, up and down again we walked. Had teppanyaki for lunch, Ili bought her very own coloured skinnies, we bought some tops, I bought a pair of shorts, met up with Amar and his sister and now I know how to use the bluetooth on my phone. All in all, NO GLADIATORS. There was one plastic/rubber gladiator that was only RM19. So I tought, what the heck, beli aja lah. Surprise, surprise! Yang tinggal size 9. !@#$%!!!!

Then off we went to Pavillion which was our original plan place to go shopping. I'm not going to announce which shop me and Ili went to, but I bought my very own dream dress! Gladiators tak jumpa. Instead jumpa dress. The original price was RM169 but was reduced to RM127. I had to borrow RM50 from Ili because I was in desperate need of the dress. Reached the counter and the cashier screened RM84 for the dress! I went out of my mind! Gila shial! So instead of borrowing RM50 from Ili, I only ended up borrowing RM5 from her. HA-HA! Went home, changed to my new shorts, went out for dinner with the fam, reached home and off I went to bed immediately. It was a good day I tell you. A REALLY good day.

Tunggu shopping raya nanti. Can't shop for raya now. Ayah said if I bought it now, I'll end up wearing it and I'll buy something else to wear for raya later on. It happens every year. So being the adult that I am now, I am only shopping for simple items to wear sekarang. I'll keep my word. Well, for now that is. ;)

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