I Won't Ask Again

Have you ever felt that you don't want to burden anyone and you feel guilty about it but you have no choice but to ask for their help because there just isn't any other way? That's how I feel. Penat meng'explain. Fiuhh. Screw. Sorryyyyyy. That's why I HATE asking for favors because I hate the feeling of terhutang budi.

This has nothing to do with the statement above. This is me emotionally retarded: Everyone gets pissed off with their families once in a while right? M** yelled at me on the phone when I was in the car with Ayah right after he picked me up from Damai. The reason for the yelling, was because I came back home late for buka. I arrived home 45 minutes prior for buka. She didn't only yelled, she did something else too. I was like bengang gila, I called Ili, tapi pun tak angkat. Called Add. She picked up.

Anbreen: 'Add, korang dah on the way balik ke?
Adlynn: 'A'ah. Dah kat Seremban dah pun. Why?'
Anbreen: 'I thought nak ikut korang balik. Tapi takpelah then.'
Adlynn: 'Kenapa tiba-tiba nak ikut babe?'
Anbreen: 'Nantilah I bagitawu.' *hung up* *Cried*

Konon-konon wanted to follow them and go back to Malacca as soon as possible. Tapi pun tak kesampaian. Takpelah. Felt guilty towards the end. Tapi pun I just kept quiet. This is what happens when irrationality on both sides occur. Now, 1 more problem. With *****. Aah. Penat nak fikir dah.

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psychokiddo said...

alalalaaa.. ciaann dia :D