I Want You To Want Me

-- A lady should never act like this. Well I'm a women. Not yet a lady. Teehee.

First day of Ramadhan. Duties for the day includes:1. Waking up and following Ayah tu Maxis and then Pavillion for a while (I was still in search of gladiators, so I dragged Ayah along), 2. grocery shopping for UiTM and home, 3. cleaned up the house as Maksu, Ayahsu and Jana is coming for buka, 4. blogged, 5.got ready for buka, 6. makan kurma and then sembahyang jemaah, 7. BUKA!, 8. transfered photos, 9. gossiped with Jana, 10. the rest is yet to come. Ha-ha. Most probably I'll end up watching Gossip Girl replays and then off to bed. Typical of me.

I'm so grateful that I spent my Ramadhan at home. I don't want to miss my family's routine of Ramadhan which is Zaheen tukang bentang sejadah, Mak tukang masak, azan then ramai-ramai makan kurma dulu, sembahyang jemaah, and then BUKA! After buka, I'll be the one cleaning up after everyone. But I don't mind. The thought of having my family around at home is enough for me. This is my Ramadhan. Other people need not be the same as us.

P.S: Aizat bought me my very own Liverpool jersey! Oh I SOO LOVE HIM! && This just in. HTG is at Amar's house. I wonder what HTG had for buka. XOXO.


adlynndiyana. said...

hahahahahahahahha :p

Diana Ibrahim said...

sesudah la ann
HTG's voice ish doraemon alike okay?