Gelabar K***k

Wake me up when September ends baby. This month seems to be a live-soap opera for me. The start of September, mid-terms! Not being the Anbreen that I am, I seem to NOT be sleeping my ass off like I always do. Graphics was OK. I slept early and didn't seem to bother studying so much for it. Then came the nightmare that every student from Masscom's 3rd semester is trying to avoid. Public Relations! I amaze myself by staying up half the night trying to get information into my head. Ended up I kejap-kejap bangun, duduk kat meja, download gambar Chuck, then tidur. Then up again repeating the same routine for 12 straight hours. So I only managed to read the summaries of every chapter. And I found out something new about myself. My voice changes accordingly to my level of exhaustedness which sounds like HTG. *wink**wink*. I'm not the type to get all stressed up about a test or a mid term but this one sorta woke me up to my senses. But, it only lasted for that paper. That's me darl.

After the nightmare ended, then came the ASSignments that needs to be submitted within this month. Crap. Sumpah banyak gila! I'm not good in handling my anger but I am good in keeping my stress level at a minimum level. Nasib. The most shocking and disappointing part of my week throughout all this has got to be Ili's drama. It sorta had an impact on me because the person who made this drama became a movie turned out to be a sneaky fucked up little gnome spy whom I knew and was once close with. And because of him, a lot of people were dragged and got bruised badly along the way. My brain is currently flowing with a lot of ideas of how to ruin this guy. Being the busybody, no good bitch he is, he better stop what he's doing because I'm not the only one who is pissed off with the ASS. You better watch your back.

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