Friendship Test 101

Whoever said we need friends who only shares common interests? For me, the different the person is, the more unique the friendship will be. More varieties and more choices. The only way to adapt to this sort of relationship is that you have to genuinely be comfortable enough to fit in. But knowing they have a good heart, anyone is welcomed to to be friends. But there are some people who seem to think that they are too cool to join us hippy, 'lets-hold-hands-and-circle-around-the-tree', happy friends whom in their eyes we seem to be childish. But when they see us having fun, tuduh orang cakap dah tak ingat diaorang. Jangan nak cakap orang tak ajak. Siapa yang pilih kawan sekarang? Me or you? Haa! I forgot, 'girls' like you don't hang out with losers like me. I just realized. Sorry. As a much of a pathetic loser I am, I still miss being close friends with you. But I don't think I can trust you anymore.

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