Ed Westwick Curang dengan I

I need to study for my Midterm exam this coming weekend. Tapi pun buku tak keluar dari bag lagi okayyyyyyy. And all I've been doing is watching re-runs of Gosssip Girl. celebrating the upcoming new season Konon-kononlah kan. Pfftt. But something about that show makes me feel good about myself. WTH?! Doesn't make any sense kan?

Right now, right this very second, I'm in the mood to talk about relationships. It's either about a special someone or your friends. Feeling neglected is common. I should know. Everybody should. But then, what is the use of having someone else you love around to cheer you up or make your day? They can't you know. It's either their too far away, or busy with something or someone else. You miss them. Sure. But do they miss you? Have you ever considered that? Words are only words. Sometimes they bring meaning, sometimes they are just spluttered out to make you feel good about yourself. It's not sincerely spoken. We can't choose which one to love. But there has got to be a favorite amongst them all. There always is. And when there is, that is when the neglection comes in. It's either you take it or leave it.

You might just want to say about how you feel to a person but you're scared of the repercussion. You might get bored with someone but deep down you know you can't let them go because you know you love them. Truly. Sometimes you just want someone to say to you, "You don't belong with anyone else. Never have, never will" or "I just want to make others feel what it's like to lose you". You just want someone to hold you and never let you go regardless of their status. Single, married, divorced doesn't mean a thing when you're together. What I'm saying are just random blabbings. It's just my thought of how people should feel, at one point or the next.

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