Dari Girlfriendku, Adlynn Diyana To ...

are yous stupid? or dim-witted? or slow? or dumb? or daft? or imprudent? or maybe all of the above?

drama by few number of brainless people with testosterones who only know how to save self and mess with others' by spreading ridiculous white lies and acting all good and high road. goodness gracious. dont you have something else to do? its called LIFE if you havent a clue. people have a life. go get your own how about? or did you just dont have any brain nor you have you any idea on how to get one? act your own age! act your own standard! gah. what? you think you're so good, so great, so wow being in them clickety click clan thingy whatever you call it? taiko ar? ingat takot ar? hebat ar? we are exhausted to the heavens. please, save the drama and do everybody a favor, get lost. or we are so going to the authorities. trust me, im down to earth when it comes to protecting my girls. please bear in mind, I do not make quite the ample amount of the word "sense" and I am goddamn (goddamn!) ridiculous at certain things. LEARN YOUR LIMIT, OR WE'LL CROSS OURS. shoo yous assh*les.

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