Sue's Problem Is On Me Now

Ahh yes. The last day. Last holiday. Stress, joy, tade perasaan, semua adalah during this holiday. Darn 'ASS'ignment's haven't been touched. Maybe tonight. Teehee. Lendu is looking forward for my arrival tomorrow. Haktuiihh. Thank God minggu depan cuti lagi. Weee. Lucky me. NOT. Overwhelmed with assignments AGAIN.

Woke up early, due to my early head on the pillow last night, had a really good Ayah's homemade breakfast consisting of baked beans, fried eggs and toast. Sedaaaap. Showered, headed off to Ikea to buy some home items for Mak, went to the Curve's flea market, bought 2 shirts, had lunch at Little Penang (fav!), bought Mak's lunch, had brownies, layan Ayah and Zaheen at the anime roadshow at Cineleisure then home again. Heading out again later to Pavillion. Mak ada Rakan Muda's program dekat Monorail Bukit Bintang which means Ayah, Zaheen and I will be wasting our time at Pavillion. Yeay me! Ha-ha. Oh well. I deserve to have a good time after some recent events. Yippee-Kai-Yay!

Oh yes. I saw this girl at Ikea and she was wearing the gladiator sandals I wanted! !@#$%^&*!!!!! I wonder where she bought it. Berpeluh-peluh cari tau, tak jumpa-jumpa. If ada pun, size takde. All that's left are size 7 and above. Haktuihh. I adore her bag as well. Aaaaah. SCREW!

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adlynndiyana. said...

wah wah
curve? cineleisure? pav?
envy :(

cop cop
size 7 and above?
me me me!
*raising hands*
hahahaha :p