Intimate Suicidal

Life is what you make it. That is what I believe in. Sometimes there is no use in complaining that life sucks or you are just shit out of luck. You make life seem bad. You, yourself makes the world a bad shit to live in. So screw you and your life.

Actually, I have no intention in discriminating anyone's life in particular. But come on lah, life is all about ups and downs. You can't expect it to be perfect ALL the time. Complain, complain, complain won't make life any better. Just shut up and let it all go with the flow. There is no saying that you have to bottle up all your emotions but if you get emotional every single second of the days in your life, just point the gun to your head and shoot. Just die already dude. Bosan lepak dengan orang macam kau. Tak bersyukur. Letting go of emotions is important. Just not all the time. Kapish?

Yes, I get pissed off and emotional easily. But I don't go around saying life sucks and wanting to kill myself. Oh yes. I am self obsessed and I wouldn't trade me to be in someone else's shoes. I do have some fucked up issues that I can't solve and sometimes I sulk about it, but then I turn back to all the glorious and good things that happens in life. It's so much better than complaining. Trust me. I complain a lot. But not about life. Arivederci.

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