I Feel Different

I've been missing form the world of blogging for quite some time now. I'm not quite myself now. I don't know if it's due to the upcoming period or that I'm just plain exhausted. If you think I do heavylifting or workout every single day that's keeping me exhausted, it's not. This feeling is like when you catch a cold. You'll know it'll be gone after some rest and medication, but you can't help loathing it when you catch it. It's there one day, and gone the next.

Assignments are beginning to bug me, upcoming presentations is making me have buterflies (especially 'U' yang mengundang tu), I am becoming anti-social, family responsibilities exhausts me, ganti puasa and sembahyang 5 waktu yang belum sempurna, knowing now that it's impossible to keep my grades up, relationships going awry, etc, etc.

I can't say more. I'm craving for Dante' now. Thanks.

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