Good Luck To You

"Sumpah sombong nak mampos sial". This 5 deadly words just lost me someone I loved and someone I was close with. Who knew my cursing can be this lethal. Proves to me that I need to keep my big mouth shut. Like pronto. Or else I'll be losing more loved ones that I have before. In my defense, I was so mad at the time being. Being who I am, my mouth just spluttered some mean words but it wasn't meant for hurting his heart. Most probably I can't do anything about it now. I'll just back off and disappear into thin air. Who needs me when they have someone else. I'm just a pathetic friend who doesn't benefit anybody. That's me. Anbreen.

"Somebody needs you, like never before
Somebody wants your love, baby open the door
Don't you leave me alone, don't you turn off the lights
Somebody wants you, somebody needs you tonight."

-A new song taught by Azra Aziah


psychokiddo said...

awww.. girlfren.. i was SOO SHOCKED.
but i dint reply the msge, cuz i was with add, so kire dia reply tros laa..
alaa :( ciannnyeee.. *huggss*
shopping on sunday! :)

adlynndiyana. said...

kesian you
hurm, he's not worth your curses,
his loss!
back off from my girl!

Anbreen,Aziz said...

thanks babes. i really2 need to get a grip.pffttt.screw boys and HELLO SHOPPING!!!!