Bukan Anbreen Nih

For the past few weeks, I've been annoyingly pissed. It doesn't matter who but it's the matter of what and why. I'm not going to answer those questions because it's none of anybody else's bloody business. Emotionally, physically and mentally confused I have been. And now I'm sick of it. Because somehow I feel like someone else is telling me how to live my life. They're the ones whom tells me what to do and what not to do. I despise it! I don't want to hurt someone or make them feel left out but sometimes I just need my own space you know. But if I do my own thing someone definitely mesti terasa lah, ungkit ini, itu. Haihhhh. You know what. Please. I don't need any sarcasm or cynical statements from anybody. I was trying to do the right thing when you spluttered some sentences that I am not in favor with. Remember, I do have a life you know. My life doesn't only revolve around 1 thing.

I missed the MTV Asia Awards all for the sake of not wanting to repeat my PPKP. Fuck. Dahlah Melaka takde MTV! %$#*(*!^#!!! (At least I still get to graduate. Sooo not worth it actually)

Sorry for my harsh words past, present and future. I've said some things that I shouldn't. I'm really sorry.

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