Bathe, Rinse and Go

I'm frantically worried. Time burns like it's no mans business. Ughhh. I haven't started on even ONE of my assignments and I'm getting bloody worried. I'm hoping I can burn the midnight oil tonight and finish up Ayah's work and half of my assignments. Crossing my fingers now.

Ever had an emotional and mental breakdown? I did. Well, a few times already actually. And after every breakdown, I feel like like reinventing myself. In all aspects. But it won't last very long. It'll only last for a couple of days. Pathetic right?

You must be saying, why reinvent yourself when others don't even notice your changes? Darling, it's not about what people notice, it's about how you feel. It feels good when you want new things and changes in life. Tak kisahlah you want to change your personality or style or weight or what-so-ever. It's about feeling relieved and fresh. It's like taking a bath after a hot, sweaty day.

I've been Googling a lot of pictures of my interest. The urge of getting up and hanging out or go shopping is oh-so overwhelming. Then, self laziness hits me. It's just who I am. The car's downstairs, money in my wallet, Zaheen already knows how to take care of himself (malam je dia takut), tapi pun tak tergerak nak keluar. Maybe the thought of overloaded assignments and kesian Zaheen cuti sorang-sorang kat rumah, makes me unmotivated to get out of the house. Oh well. I'll be in Malacca in a few days time. So I'm cherishing every minute of myself at home and my beloveds.

P.S: I need a new pair of jeans, shoes and a bag. OK, probably no more bags for me.

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Diana Ibrahim said...

I NEED a NEW BAG! pronto! not you oke?! >:D