There's one thing that people don't know about me. Not even my own parents. I sometimes cry when I watch any sport games. Silly right? It may seem ridiculous to you but its true. I mean why the fuck would I lie about this? Take the Olympics for instance. My favourite sport events out of all the Olympic games are diving, gymnastics and athletics. Then suddenly, my chest and throat gets tight, and I can feel tears shedding down my cheek. Drop by drop. Hahaha. Sumpah. Not all the time, but sometimes. It comes naturally.

Why, you ask? I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm so astonished and amazed at how these ordinary everyday people get to represent their countries and play the sports that they and I both love and make their nations proud. I just can't get that idea out of my head every time I watch a game. I love sports. I really do. But due to lack of stamina and laziness, I'm useless. Someone needs to push me into this arena, only then would I get up and do it. But just don't force me. I'll snap back.

A month back, Enc. Tar, my tennis ko coach said to me, "Awak ni dah boleh main, malu-malu jek". I was taken back by that statement. It was my first time holding a tennis racket tau. And when I was in Sri Utama, I attended my first swimming lesson. I don't remember his name. Was it Ramlan or Ramli. He was my swimming coach. He said I have skills, but I just needed to be polished. I entered a small inter-school competition later. Didn't win but I tried. Which was satisfying for me because I get to do it with my best friend and did my coach proud. The story of that competition to me is actually blurry now to me. So who cares? It was a story long ago.

I ended up going on camping trips with schools and extreme camping trips with Mak. Why I mentioned extreme? It bloody hell was. It's not your typical school field camping trip. I never had a very high stamina. Only my high spirited self brought me places. Naik bukit, gunung ikut Mak and her team of Rakan Muda explorers. I was 13 when I followed Mak to my first extreme camping and 15/16 when I camped at some hiking place on the trails of Gunung Tahan. Sadly, no such activities is in my planner anymore. Oh well. Soon baby. Soon.

Moral of the story, I cry about extraordinary things.


aifaarizwan said...

hey dear..
do link me up..
thanx ;)

psychokiddo said...

ramlan? ramli ?
RAMDAN! hahah :DD

psychokiddo said...
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Diana Ibrahim said...

anbin! gunung tahan!!! jom daki gunung!!! batu caves pun dah semput nak panjat gunung ;P

nvm WE CAN DO IT ZE?! yesh yesh!

Anbreen,Aziz said...

d, batu caves is only partially of gunung tahan. sangat seronok k!jommmmmmmmmmmm!nanti i tny my mom ade lgi x cmping trips.