We Scream Together, Stay Together

-Oh yess. It runs in the family

-Making faces, I learnt from Him

- Mak learning how to Breakdance

Hahaha. That's what I like to call my family. Not your typical family but simply average. We're not on the high end, nor low. We're just, Us. We put dignity and honor above everything else. I put them first amongst everything. Seriously. I might rebel sometimes, but they know what's right. They're wacky, laidback, cool but hot-tempered. Duhh. Just look at me. Baran and degil. It runs in our veins you know. We're not proud of if, but hey. Nak buat macam mana kan? Boringlah tengok semua orang baik-baik belaka je on this earth. Kan? (Just wanted to post up something about my family seeing that I'll be back in campus on Monday. Aisehmenn.)

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adlynn :) said...

sumpit cool weyhhh
i am so curiking
for self humour oke?
cayalah been n heen!