UiTM: Third Week

I’m finished. Everything is. Let me list down what I’ve finished so far: Money (check), energy (check), time (check), friends (uncheck!). Friends are there when you need and don’t need them. That’s what makes them so special. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Hari-hari keluar! Penattt. Tapi sangattttt best. What we did: Movie (check), shopping (check, check!), great lunch and dinner (check), great company (CHECK!), having fun (double check).

I went to Jonker Walk for the first time. Add, Ili, Sue, Hany and I. Hany brought us, seeing that she’s originally from Malacca. Everybody went ecstatic! Cheap, cheap, cheap! Me for sure am a bargain chick myself. We went crazy. Sumpah jakon. Teehee. Add and Ili bought really cool vintage tees, Sue bought really cute accessories, Hany main rembat jek apa-apa barang yang RM10, as for me, bag crazy! He-he. Each and everyone of us except me bought slippers. Sangat murah. Kesian Bihah tak dapat ikut. So I bought her a Froggy pencil seeing that there’s no other cute animals. Ara ikut D. Anis balik KL. So, it was just us. For 4 days in a row, once we’re out, we will arrive back in UiTM give or take at 11.30pm. Lepas Pak Guard weyy. Muka baik kott semua. He-he.

Ohh people, meet Hany! She’s my twin. Well, physically memang jauh. Mentally and fashion wise, SAMA ok. Exactly. We have all the same items. Coincidentally. Sumpah. Best ada orang layan my kerenah. He-he. Girl, you are sooo welcomed among us. Just pack your wacky brain and personality, your TLC, and your set! I LOVELOVELOVELOVE you! Memang berkepitlah kita selalu ekk.

PS: Sue and Bihah is experiencing technical problems with Bihah’s laptop. Gila kelakar tengok diaorang bertekak.

Bihah: Sue! Jangan langgar wayar!
Sue: Jap, jap. . . Waa! Kenapa tak boleh?!
Bihah: Wayar ni sensitip! Sue nih!
Sue: Haa, haa. Jangan gerak. . . Ummm. . . Tadaa! He-he. Kuci-kuci.

Aduhh. Macam-macamlah korang nih. ;)


wonder linaa said...

ehh baju kite! ahaha. sameee :D:D muahaha

wonder linaa said...

eh eh. tp i nye warna merah.

psychokiddo said...

third week without me. nak emo.!