There She Goes

I have no idea what to pack for Lendu. My brain is jammed and my heart is heavy. The reason why? I don't want to leave the house! Tak puas! Ayah said it's OK for me to skip the 1st week of class. I really want to but the fact that I want to know what my lecturers are like and what to expect for the coming classes is what's driven me to go. But I sooo don't want to. Haihh. What can I do huh? 2 days ago, I did a budget list for Ayah. Oh mannnn. Taknak banyak kan he has to spend on me alone. WTF mann. Here it is:

Campus fees: RM440
Camera: RM2588 (belum beli pun tapi)
Pangkor: RM400
Shopping frenzy: ? (I'm ashamed of my own expenses)
Hair treatment: RM120
Fast food Delivery: Don't ask
Cellphone: RM1199

And that is for June alone. I'm blessed and grateful anddd feeling guilty at the same time. What sort of person am I? A monster. A money wasting fringed haired monster. I'll make it up to him somehow. I promise and solemnly swear.


adlynn :) said...

money wasting fringed hair monster?
sounds cute to me!
i loike!
wei balik lendu wei wei wei :p

farah fazanna said...

dSLRs prices are going down nowadays. you could get a nikon d40 for rm1400 je :)

psychokiddo said...

tuh ah sal.
i dint know monsters have suh hair nowadays :D

Alisya said...

"money wasting fringed haired monster"