Surat Khabar Lama!

Yesterday in Journalism class, we had an introductory to the newspaper. Yes, the one that some people read every single day, which singles me out definitely. But of what I've learnt yesterday, I don't think I'll look at the newspaper the same way again. Makes me want to read it everyday now. I think. OK lah ada niat kan?

Ms. Rosalynn makes me much more interested to pursue my dreams as a journalist. The challenges and the adrenalin pumping of having to finish the task is oh-so overwhelming. Bestttt! But, there's one catch. Not everything you report to the newspaper is true. So don't believe a 100% on what you read. So, jadi journalist ni kena jadi pentipu sikit? Oh well. There must be a reason right? In my opinion, they do the things they do to balance the system. Ok, example given. Imagine a new corporate building owned by the government actually has flaws in its structure and management, and the media reported on it. For sure the whole society and community would come to a chaos and the system would be in very big trouble. To promise the peace and security of the nation, a little lie seems to be the solution.

And I just realized that the media news is more or less pro-government. Let's say that it isn't and the government doesn't get all the exposure they needed and the public is not well informed on what's going on in the nation that they are living in. Hah! Confirmlah war sini sana, protest, unstability, etc, etc. Mak aihhh. So, it is concluded that the media and a little bit if lie is needed to maintain the nation's security and steadfastness. I have a lot more to dish on and this piece of post is not actually what I had in mind to report to you. But it'll do for the time being, ok?


Ferdows D. Isaac said...

What we should call that?
Menipu sunat?
Ada limit tak per.
Jangan macam Utusan Meloya and other bull shit paper right now.
'Kipas' lebih-lebih.
Walhal, rakyat tak semua bodoh.

farah fazanna said...

miss rossalynn best kan! i had her as my journalism lecturer last sem and i got a B for that =.="