Selsema And a Running Nose

At long last, I am having my period right now. Sakitttt. Why? Why in the world am I the one chosen to feel this type of pain. Blegh. Bodoh. I didn't go for class yesterday. Dapat MC 1 hari. Didin't go for class this morning too. Buat MC sendiri. Teehee. I woke up this morning with the intention to post up something related to campus. Now, dah terlupa. Screw. I fucking miss Kyle. Yes. My handsome Kyle Patrick Dickherber. Lama tak stalk dia owh. Damnit. I miss a lot of people right now. But too scared if I texted, I'll be rejected by them. I mean, who am I to miss extra super cool people when I'm a loser with a running nose. Oh well.

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