Perubahan Media Massa

Ever felt empty? It’s like something growing on the outside, and something missing on the inside. Yes, it’s true that everyone changes but it doesn’t mean that you have to forget everything you held on to in the first place and then just dropped it like it’s hot. Bodoh. When something changes, you follow the beat to adapt yourself to it. Tapi janganlah sampai lupa orang yang pernah sama-sama dengan kau dulu. Ohh! Terlupa. LOVE comes first, betul?

Typical. ‘Rindu’ covers me from time to time. Laughing, smiling, and making hilarious jokes, adventure sana-sini, trying something new. Rindu itu. But then, change causes us all to be apart. And when that happens, everybody is busy pointing fingers to each other. Being 19 doesn’t mean anything to me because I don’t see any improvement in the people surrounding me. " Kaulah childish, kau emo lebih, kau lupa diri, kau menyemak, kau tahu cakap belakang jek”, I hear that a lot. Bak kata Ustazah Norain, duduk depan cermin, tengok diri tu hipokrit ke tidak. True that Ustazah! You Rock! He-he.

I’m used to seeing people defending themselves from getting into trouble. But it’s a horrible thing to do when you twist the truth and then say one thing different from the other. Gila babi self centered weyhh. We’ve known quite long enough to predict your actions. Even sometimes your jokes aren’t funny like it used to be. Lama-lama pun rasa orang dah naik menyampah. From school lagi. As a friend, I’m advising you to change. Please. Stop blaming everyone else to back yourself up, stop screwing with the truth of what happened, stop being bloody childish, stop being rude, stop judging other people and just stop thinking you’re the best out of everybody when you know that you’re absolutely fucking N-O-T. You know how brutally honest I can be.

Don’t let some silly things come between us. You know how fun we can be. Tapi kau kenal aku kan. Jangan sampai aku terus lupa kat kau. Out of both of us, kau sendiri tahu siapa yang rugi.

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