Orang Marah, Orang Dengki

Mana tahu kenapa. Maybe because they don't have great friends? Because they are not privilleged to do the things we do? Because we experience wonderful and things and they don't? Honey, you made this all upon yourself. Open your eyes and stop dreading on the bad things in your life. There is nothing you can benefit from putting all that anger and jealousy in you for more then, oh let's just say, 2-3 days? The people you envy or mad at is having a good time, with good grades, with wonderful boyfriends, surrounded by good family and friends while you rot in your room, sitting in one corner drying your little eyes out. Take advantage of what you have. Turn every moment into an experience.

There's no doubt that life will take you down the lane of misery. But at the end of the road, you'll find what you seek. With a little hard work, luck and peace, you'll find happiness. Don't try to be who you're not. Pretending to be someone else because they seem happy, may not be entitled to you. Find your own way baby. Don't be mad at the world it might backlash on you. Be mad at yourself for feeling that way. You want people surrounding you to make you happy? Treat them the way you want to be treated. And if they don't, you can't blame them. They can't always make you happy a 110% everyday right? So stop bitchslapping, get rid of your negative karma, look everything in a better perspective and cherish the things that you receive in life. Lainlah kalau kau sendiri yang bahagia menangis. If that makes you happy, then carry on. Just don't go on blaming on us mortals.

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