Meraung Sana, Ketawa Sini

Life is good I can’t complain. I mean I could but no one’s listening. OK. I took that sentence out of a song. Reference: Aly & AJ; Like Whoa. Umm. Tak reti buat APA style dari lagu lah. He-he.

I’m not going to be back home for a month. 1 whole bloody month! Homesick weyy. Hmm. Told my parents to visit me here. Rindu Zaheen and Ayah yang gumuk, rindu Mak yang suka melayan, rindu Coco, Chico and Bubu. Waaaaaa! Pfftt. Bad news out first. Mak didn’t manage to get the MAA’s tickets for me. Even at the Tourism Ministry pun dah takde (she has connections there lah obviously). I cried. Real tears dropped out of my eyes. The tears aren’t fake. It’s pathetic to cry over a silly award event but if you know me, if I said I want something, I really want it. No matter what it takes. I’ll do it. But at this point, there’s nothing I can do anymore. Even the contests I entered failed me. I’m shit out of luck. Damn. Imagine my feeling of obsessiveness towards Kyle. Knowing that he’ll be in the same country as I am, breathing the same air that I’m breathing, bruises me from the inside out. It’s a pity. I adore him. Enough said.

Current mood: Annoyed/ Happy

Some of us have already moved on. Some of us haven’t. Which will hurt the most, I don’t know. I have mine, and you have yours. You keep yours in a safe, while I show it to the World. Who forgets who? No one knows the answer. I’m not yours, and you’re definitely not mine. Mine doesn’t lie, yours does. Proof? Find it yourself. You’re not as stupid as you think you are. Use your own initiative and effort. Don’t depend on others. You should know better that I am always here for you. From a friend to a friend. But seriously, don’t take me for granted. I’m not a robot. Neither are you. Be a little bit humane. I blame you and you blame me. But everybody knows, my point of view is always right. I’m not being cocky. It’s a fact baby.

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