Mati Dalam Kapal Terbang

Some things can happen for 2 seconds and you can remember it for the rest of your life. Some things can happen for months, but easily forget when someone else comes along. Pathetic right? Well, that's basically how my life is. Spontaneous things happen and I'll be happy for a long period of time. But when something you're hoping will happen and then it didn't, I'll feel all lousy and low. That's when I taught myself to not depend on something to last very long. It'll end up crashed and burnt like an aeroplane crash. Kaboom! Then die, die, die.

There's 2 things that will end up bruising my heart. It hurts really bad when it's touched. It's when I really miss someone and that I'm being forgotten. Man oh man. It feels like a new scar being scratched and then someone pours water all over it. Pedihhh! But then, nobody can see it, so they wouldn't care. You're the only person whom feels it. So you have to deal with it alone. You can't ask for everything to drop at your feet now can you? Unless you have stinky feet, then people might. They might wind up dead too. Ok. I should stop. Bye. Teehee. Crazy.

I'm missing and being hurt by someone very far away.

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