Mana Pernah Goodbye

Ye. Just 2 months ago I said a short goodbye to Lendu because it was semester break. Not more than 5 hours ago, I arrived back there. It was exciting but later on devastating. I was not ready to leave my family, my home and boyfriend yet for 4 months. Memanglah balik every weekend, but somehow, it's different. Oh well, I'll be facing situations like this for another 3 more semesters. Bare with it baby. Hold on.

Aizat followed me to Malacca. What I planned for today didn't actually happened. I wanted to reach KL from Malacca at 6 or 7. But under the circumstances of menyinggah sana sini, memang sampai pukul 10pm. Todays journey didn't took long. I drove from KL and reached Malacca within an hour, then from Malacca to KL, Aizat drove within 45minutes. Cool. I didn't know Malacca wasn't very far. Toleh jek, alih-alih, simpang masuk Alor Gajah. Weeee. After we sent D home in Damansara, Aizat and I had dinner. A really sweet dinner. Sort of a short-term goodbye dinner/supper. Ha-ha. Padahal, rasanya besok jumpa kot? Flea marketttt kann. He-he-he. I'm a sucker for bargained items.


adlynn :) said...

ta abes abes flea market die
cis cis cis
and im stuck in lendu already
damn it :p

nursuhana said...

good to know that u (maybe) and the bf x pernah goodbye (:

psychokiddo said...

hold on; BE STRONG :D