Life is Insanely Beautifully Composed

Our intention at first was to attend the MTV Roadshow kat Cineleisure, just to enter some cool contests to win a pair of invitations to the MTV Asia Awards. Hampeh. Sampai-sampai je dah habis. Boo-you! I was sort of dissapointed, but oh well. What could I do, kan? So me and Jana did some retail therapy to get our minds of the MAA's. Seeing that Jana's previous Wayfarer's screw tercabut, she bought another one at Fourskins. A white+green pair. The colour sangat cool and vibrant. My shopping frenzy went a little bit out of control. As Ayah gave me RM100, I spent it all then and there. Poof! Duit hilang. See. I can do magic as well you know.

There were two funny parts out of the whole day. During dalam MPH, a really elfish-christmasish-boppyish kind of song was played. Me and Jana started doing really, really funny dance routines following the beat of the song. Kelakar nak mampos! Orang tengok and silently giggled. Boleh plak macam tu. And then dekat birthday party Dania, we made fun of Jana's new frame without glasses spectacles. Macam-macam muka lahh kitaorang buat. Bagai nak rak ketawa. Ha-ha-ha! See for yourself.

See. You don't have to be Tyra Banks or Heidi Klum to gorgeous. Oh yess. Wani! The 'Me <3 Candy' kat The Curve dah buka! I even made friends with the owner. Ha-ha. We exchanged infos on candies. Jana said he may have had a crush on me. Haktuihh. Banyaklah kau Jana.

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adlynndiyana. said...

baju baruuuuuuuuuuuu
berjalan je kejeeeee
envy ;(