Lalat Lawan Lecturer

Hahaha. I have been here for oh not more than 24 hours and I think so far so good. I think lah. There's Wi-Fi in my room, classes went quite well. Memanglah seeing that it's only the first week. Ice-breaking lah konon-konon. Pfftt. The only disgusting part is the dining hall. Lalat, lalat, lalat! WTF man! Geliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Babi. Imagine scooping your food with flies on a stick poking out from a bottle next to you. Sumpah dowh. Eeeishhh. There's like 2000 flies there and trust me when I say this, I'm not exaggerating. Currently now I'm sitting in my room, with Bihah as a look out, screaming, 'Ann! Hiburan (means boys lalu lalang)!' Me and Kak Suki will be running towards the window, whistling at them. Ha-ha. Peeewwwiiitt. Hahahaha. Bak kate Puan Noraini, 'jaga jati diri kamu tu.' Yahh right.

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