Lalalala, Hari-Hari Belajar

Ha-ha! Memang aku gelak besar lah kan. Tak jadi gi flea market. Bedebah bedebuk betul. Oh well. It's not like I'm not going to be here anymore kan. Ayah left with the car so I'm mobile-less right now. I missed Ili's baby brother's birthday, I missed hanging out with Hazim, Nadira and Aizat and now I made a really sore decision that I am going back to Malacca TOMORROW! Babi. I already planned on skipping a few classes but then the curriculum starts on Tuesday and Masscom's co-ordinator will be lecturing my class on Monday. Yes, that's right. Bloody scary weyh. I'm just going for the sake of putting on a good impression. Haktuihh! Nadira is coming later with her friend. I can't go out so she's coming to me. Cool. Better gi mandi jap. He-he. Tapi Nadira, macamlah kau tak biasa datang time aku tak mandi lagi kan. Ha-ha! Kita sama-sama busuk kan. Weee.

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