Kudis Yang Taknak Hilang

-- Twins with different colours. Cool right?

People talk bad about each other behind their backs. I'm not going to deny that I am one of them. But I don't just talk bad just to make noises and then bruise someone for it. But you say one thing to me and one thing to another, tu lebih-lebih tu namanya weyy. Kurang ajar. Bukan? You even talk bloody bad about your own best friend? Jangan nak deny it loser.

Don't think you're all that because you're not. Duit takde, pelajaran pun tak tentu arah, merempat sana-sini, tak cukup kasih sayang, kau ada hati nak kutuk-kutuk orang lain. It's not like me to say bad about somebody I don't know anything about, but when you've crossed the line, you're dealing with a much bigger problem. It's nothing personal honey. You're not up to my standard. Dari dulu sampai sekarang, takkan tak sedar-sedar kan? Do you remember us at the canteen dulu? Your own friends tegur your behaviour yang sangat huduh tu in front of the entire school? Come on baby, stop stalking me. You can't be me and you definitely can't beat me. Benda dah lama, lupakan sudeyy.

I know I may seem very rude and annoyingly bitchy, but trust me when I say this. I won't bother people who doesn't interfere with my life. But when you do, say bye-bye baby. Ngeee ;D

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