Khadijah Bt Bujang

Rindu Nenek. Arwah Nenek.Nek,
Anbreen sekarang dah masuk UiTM. I've got a lot of friends here. Wish I could introduce them to you. They are all great! You must like them too if you ever met them. But the chance has been robbed from us Nek. You've been gone for 4 years now. I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye. I was having my shower when I had the feeling that I would never get the chance to see and touch you again. I cried Nek. A lot. I cried like there was no tomorrow for us. And there wasn't. You left me and went to a better place. You left me to survive on my own in this awful world. You left me to see me grow indepedently without you.

I grew up with you always by my side. You raised me well. You gave me the tools to survive till today. I owe my success to you and God. Remember when we were together? We were happy just the both of us. We never needed anyone else. Mak and Ayah were nowhere to be seen. But you were always there. You never dissapointed me.

It's too late now to say that I'm sorry. Sorry for being so rude to you. Anbreen selalu hina-hina Nenek. Sorry for taking your money without showing you my gratitude. Sorry for all the mistakes I made. Nenek susah-susah payah nak bela Anbreen, Anbreen pijak kepala Nenek kan. Nenek, Anbreen malu nangis dalam kelas, rindu kat Nenek.



MaGGoT World said...

Al-fatihah for her~

my granpa pun juz pass away few month ago..

tp what make me really regret his leaving was bcos i x sempat nak say goodbye and thx for everything dier da bwat for me...

yang i lagi regret is on his funeral i laugh like nothing happen..sampe dier dikebumikan..i really cant accept that he is not with me anymore..that night bru i realize yg dier btul2 da xder...


wonder linaa said...

awwww. i pon miss my nani ;(

Ruzanna said...

shit. i miss her too. :'(